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S3E4: Food, Farming and Fine Art with Karla Chambers, Co-Founder of Stahlbush Island Farms

In the latest episode of this season, Stoel Rives Agribusiness attorney Joe Matteo is joined by Karla Chambers, co-founder of Stahlbush Island Farms. Starting in 1985 with a modest operation, Karla and her husband Bill have expanded Stahlbush into a thriving, sustainable farm and food processor in Corvallis, Oregon. Their dedication to community, sustainability, and high-quality produce shines through the story of their growth from 300 to 5000 acres.

Episode four highlights include:

  • The evolution of Stahlbush Island Farms and its commitment to sustainability and food safety.
  • Karla's diverse roles as an entrepreneur, artist, and advocate for sustainable agriculture. The significance of innovation in Stahlbush’s operations, including achievements in sustainable farming practices and food processing technologies.
  • Karla's insights on the current landscape of agribusiness and advice for new entrepreneurs in the sector.

Listen to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Stahlbush Island Farms exemplifies the fusion of tradition and innovation in agriculture.

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