Excellence, stewardship, and commitment to our communities have sustained Stoel Rives for more than 100 years.

Commitment to Our Clients

  • Develop and maintain cutting-edge expertise in sustainable development, environmental responsibility, conservation, renewable resources, and clean technologies.
  • Contribute to and support laws and efforts that advance sustainability efforts.
  • Re-enforce sustainability efforts in our communities.

Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is a firmwide goal at Stoel Rives, and we continue to reduce office waste and energy use. We celebrate our efforts with group activities and events throughout the year, including by participating in Earth Day. The firm has established these specific objectives regarding sustainability:

  • Reduce our environmental impact by limiting paper consumption, energy use, and waste.
  • Incorporate sustainable actions into everyday office functions and responsibilities.
  • Remind and encourage our colleagues that even small changes in habits and behaviors can make a big difference in energy and materials consumption.
  • Live and work in more environmentally conscious ways.

Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

Stoel Rives has been an innovator in pursuing sustainability goals for decades. To reduce the impact of our operations on the environment, we will:

  • Apply rigorous sustainability criteria in the purchasing of supplies, equipment, and services.
  • Improve waste reduction and recycling practices to minimize the use of paper in data storage, printing and copying, and communications.
  • Minimize the use of disposables and packaging, reuse equipment and supplies, and maximize recycling.
  • Reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency in heating/cooling, lighting, and equipment.
  • Use our work spaces more efficiently, and use building, furniture, and other materials that are high in recycled content, recyclable, biodegradable, and/or durable.
  • Establish an education and incentive program to encourage our colleagues to contribute to the success of this policy; address opportunities for individuals to incorporate sustainability into their personal lives.

Certifications and Memberships

Stoel Rives’s efforts to minimize environmental impact date back to the 1980s, when the firm’s Portland office embarked on a recycling program before it was available through the city or the firm’s office building. Recent examples of the firm’s green certifications and strategic memberships include:

  • LEED® Platinum Certification (2017) – The Portland office’s Park Avenue West building was awarded certification for its new office space interiors for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. The office also features collaborative workspaces, glass fronts, an open floor plan, LED and auto- dim lighting, auto office temperature throttling, and a nearly paperless library. The building’s core and shell also have LEED Platinum certification.
  • Four Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors by The Green Building Initiative (Portland office) - This designation demonstrates national leadership and excellence in the practice of water, energy, and environmental efficiency to reduce environmental impact.

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