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S3E4: Food, Farming and Fine Art with Karla Chambers, Co-Founder of Stahlbush Island Farms

In the latest episode of this season, Stoel Rives Agribusiness attorney Joe Matteo is joined by Karla Chambers, co-founder of Stahlbush Island Farms. Starting in 1985 with a modest operation, Karla and her husband Bill have expanded Stahlbush into a thriving, sustainable farm and food processor in Corvallis, Oregon. Their dedication to community, sustainability, and high-quality products shines through the story of their growth from 300 to 5000 acres.

Episode four highlights include:

  • The evolution of Stahlbush Island Farms and its commitment to sustainability and food safety.
  • Karla's diverse roles as an entrepreneur, artist, and advocate for sustainable agriculture. The significance of innovation in Stahlbush’s operations, including achievements in sustainable farming practices and food processing technologies.
  • Karla's insights on the current landscape of agribusiness and advice for new entrepreneurs in the sector.

S3E3: AgTech Innovation and Robotics with Burro CEO Charlie Andersen

In this episode of the Stoel Rives Deeply Rooted Podcast, host Patrick Abell sits down with Charlie Andersen, co-founder and CEO of Burro, a pioneering company in agricultural robotics. Charlie shares his fascinating journey from a childhood on a family farm to leading a robotics company that innovates in the farming industry. He discusses the challenges of integrating robotics in agriculture, focusing on Burro's unique approach of developing collaborative autonomous ground vehicles that assist rather than replace human labor. The conversation also delves into the future of robotics in farming, highlighting the significance of user-friendly technology and the potential for diverse applications in outdoor environments.

This episode offers insights into the intersection of technology and agriculture, presenting compelling reasons for anyone interested in these fields to tune in. Key highlights include:

  • An in-depth look at Burro's mission to augment human labor in agriculture with autonomous robots.
  • Discussion on the challenges and future prospects of robotics in the agricultural sector.
  • Charlie’s perspective on the importance of human-centric design in robotics development.

Karla Chambers of Stahlbush Island FarmsStahlbush Island Farms Logo

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S3E2: Forest Management, Endangered Species, and Regulatory Frameworks with Galen Schuler, General Counsel for Green Diamond Resources

In the recent episode of the Stoel Rives Deeply Rooted Podcast, Galen Schuler, Vice President of Green Diamond Resources, delves into the intricate world of protected species within timberland environments. Partnering with Sarah Stauffer Curtiss from Stoel Rives, Schuler shares insights from his expansive career, exploring the ever-evolving landscape of regulations, litigation, and habitat conservation. Additionally, he unveils his personal favorite listed species, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between timberland operations and species conservation.

  • Evolution of conservation practices over time.
  • Importance of partnerships and collaboration in conservation.
  • Regulatory challenges and their implications for forestry.
  • Focus on the marbled murrelet HCP and its implications for Green Diamond.
  • The transition and challenges of the Private Forest Accord HCP in Oregon.

Galen Schuler

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S3E1: Joshua Hanson, President of Small Vineyards, on Adapting to the Ever-Changing Consumer Trends for Alcoholic Beverages

In the recent episode of the Deeply Rooted Podcast, Joshua Hanson, the President of Small Vineyards, shared his thoughts on a variety of topics with Todd Friedman. Small Vineyards, with its emphasis on quality and authenticity, showcases wines from family-owned estates. Throughout the episode, he reflects on:

  • The intimate connection between the size of the vineyard and the quality of its product.
  • His transformative journey to Italy and the unexpected experiences that inspired him to establish Small Vineyards.
  • The intriguing challenges faced in the wine industry, particularly the evolution of packaging and meeting changing consumer demands.
  • The significance of long-standing relationships and partnerships.
  • The importance of evolving with the market while staying true to one's roots.

Joshua Hanson

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