About Stoel Rives

Stoel Rives’ Values

  • One Firm
  • High Performance Culture Focused on Delivering Exceptional Service
  • Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Workplace
  • Creative Solutions
  • Outstanding Results

TerraLex Affiliation

Stoel Rives is a member of TerraLex®, which allows our clients to access a worldwide network of 22,000 attorneys in more than 115 countries. Membership is by invitation only and involves an annual review process to ensure each jurisdiction is represented by a high-quality law firm vetted to meet TerraLex’s strict professional standards. Through TerraLex, we can guide clients through the challenges of global business while leveraging local connections and expertise. With 27 Practice Groups and Industry Sector Teams, TerraLex is dedicated to bringing the latest in thought leadership and business acumen to the global client community.

Stoel Rives represents TerraLex® in three states (Alaska, Oregon, and Washington).

Visit www.terralex.org for more information.

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