How Tech and Carbon Markets Drive Modern Reforestation with Grant Canary

  • Host Derek Larsen and Grant Canary, CEO of Mast Reforestation explore innovative solutions for post-wildfire reforestation. Discover how technology and carbon markets are transforming reforestation efforts to combat climate change.

In the latest episode of the Stoel Rives Deeply Rooted Podcast, host Derek Larsen interviews Grant Canary, founder and CEO of Mast Reforestation. Grant discusses his company's innovative approaches to tackling the growing challenges of reforestation in the wake of increasing wildfire severity. With a background in sustainability-focused entrepreneurship, Grant provides insights into how Mast Reforestation utilizes technology, carbon markets, and a vertically integrated approach to address post-wildfire reforestation needs.

Episode highlights include:

  • The Genesis and Growth of Mast Reforestation: Grant shares how Mast Reforestation evolved from using drones for aerial seeding to becoming a vertically integrated company that manages the entire reforestation process, from seed collection to planting.
  • Challenges and Innovations in Reforestation: Discussion on the logistical and environmental challenges of reforestation in wildfire-affected areas, and how technology, such as software and drones, plays a crucial role in optimizing seed collection and planting.
  • The Role of Carbon Markets: An in-depth look at how carbon credits can offset the costs of reforestation, making it financially viable for landowners. Grant explains the different types of carbon credits and their importance in funding large-scale reforestation projects.

Stream the latest episode today to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Mast Reforestation is addressing the urgent need for scalable reforestation solutions to mitigate climate change impacts. Grant’s insights into the integration of technology and carbon finance offer a forward-thinking perspective on the future of sustainable forestry.

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