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Excellence, stewardship and commitment to our communities have sustained Stoel Rives for more than 100 years. The attorneys and employees of Stoel Rives remain committed to meeting the needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow. We are equally committed to serving companies that belong to sustainable industries. For more than a decade, we have been a leading law firm to the renewable energy industry, serving clients in wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and tidal energy as well as producers of biofuels throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. We are also active in representing clients in construction and green building, agriculture and the West's oldest sustainable industry, forestry. Like these clients, we believe in leading by example.

Stoel Rives efforts to minimize environmental impact date back to the 1980s when the firm's Portland office embarked on a rigorous recycling program well before it was available through the city or through the firm's office building. Several of the firm's green achievements include:

  • Membership in the EPA's Green Power Partnership, an association of businesses and government entities that get part of their energy from renewable sources. Stoel Rives is the largest purchaser of renewable energy among all U.S. law firms in the association.
  • Purchasing Renewable Energy Credits—known as RECs or "Green tags"—to offset 60% of our firm-wide electricity usage in seven states. We purchase our RECs from firm clients 3 Degrees and Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Our commitment to the purchase of green power qualifies us for the EPA Green Power Partnership and the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge. We are one of only six law firms nationwide that qualifies for the "Leader" designation for these two programs.
  • Purchasing enough green tags to offset carbon emissions from both car and air travel for all of the firm's recruiting trips. We also helped the University of Michigan Law School develop and launch a carbon-offset program for its on-campus recruiting program and were the first firm to sign up.
  • Encouraging reduced car travel by subsidizing transit passes; joining Flexcar, a car-sharing program that supports hybrid vehicles; and participating in other commuter programs.
  • Offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions associated with both electricity usage for the firm's "Investing in Clean Energy" conference and for participants' travel to and from the forum.
  • Certified participation in the Portland Office of Sustainable Development's BlueWorks recycling and waste reduction program.

The firm's Sustainability Committee is responsible for leading efforts firm wide that improve our practices and educate staff and attorneys on how to minimize our environmental impact. Through the Go Green campaign and P2 Sustainability Certification Program, personnel are educated, encouraged and recognized for conserving energy, supporting clean energy production, reducing waste, utilizing mass transit, selecting environmentally friendly vendors and products, and incorporating other responsible environmentally sustainable behaviors into their lifestyles in the office and at home.

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