Corporate Partnerships, Joint Ventures & Contracts

At Stoel Rives, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our skill encompasses a range of sectors such as renewable energy, technology, real estate, and manufacturing.

We leverage our deep and broad experience to help clients spot opportunities they may have missed, and to identify risks before they arise. Joint ventures and strategic alliances are by definition win-win propositions, and we work with clients to put in place innovative and commercially-minded structures that maximize potential returns, while protecting our clients from operational and counterparty risks that commonly arise in these arrangements. Each project demonstrates our dedication to understanding our clients' visions and elevating their ambitions and allows us to deploy the strength of our team’s experience and skills to optimize outcomes for our clients.



Collaboration with Stoel Rives is not limited to legal or operational optimization. Boasting a multi-disciplinary team well versed in areas from tax and compliance to environmental law, we provide a comprehensive approach, ensuring your interests remain protected in every facet of a matter. Our deep insights into evolving regulatory landscapes further cement our role as dependable advisors in today's ever-changing business and regulatory environment.

Not all business partnerships are inherently adversarial, and we approach each with a commercial and collegial mindset. However, should challenges arise, rest assured – our track record in resolving disputes, whether through negotiation, arbitration or court proceedings, speaks for itself. While the objective is always to foresee potential disputes and create a structure that minimizes them, sometimes they cannot be avoided, in which case our dispute resolution team works hand in hand with our transactional team to understand the facts, formulate a strategy, and fiercely advocate for our clients’ positions.

Our approach to these arrangements is holistic, prioritizing speed and efficiency. Leveraging our experience across diverse legal and commercial sectors, we provide practical, value-focused counsel tailored to each client's specific objectives and constraints. From individual contracts to complex transformations, our attorneys offer rapid, effective, and always practical advice. We aim for long-term partnerships that boost productivity and cut costs, with a layer of risk mitigation – all with the objective of expediently getting to closing and allowing clients to move swiftly into execution.

Our wide range of commercial transaction services includes:

  • Contract Review, Drafting, and Negotiation
  • Employment, Vendor, and Supplier Alliances
  • Joint Development Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Partnership, Joint Venture, Distribution, and Sales Contracts
  • Commercial and Residential Leasing
  • Real Estate Development Partnerships
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Contract Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Contract Training and Education, Audits, and Compliance Reviews

Our tailored strategies are unique to each client and are born from deep, sector-specific understanding. We provide insights that are commercially relevant and legally sound. And we do this with the efficiency you deserve, fully recognizing that time is precious. Our agile and client-centric approach will meet your deadlines and set new benchmarks for what is possible.

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