About Christjanna

Christjanna Mirgon is a paralegal in Stoel Rives’ Corporate group. She has experience assisting attorneys for several practice groups within the firm.

Christjanna has worked at a variety of positions at Stoel Rives since 2009, culminating in corporate case assistant in 2015 and paralegal in 2018.

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  • Manages audit letters for all practice groups: receive audit requests from auditor, query attorneys regarding cases to report for loss/gain contingencies, draft audit letter and give to managing attorney for review, make edits and send to auditors.
  • Prepares and submits annual reports for various companies, email clients to confirm no changes to their business, and submit reports to the Secretary of State or Business Licensing Service.
  • Assists clients with formations, foreign qualifications, and business license applications in Washington.
  • As a case assistant, assisted attorneys and paralegals with business and liquor license applications for various clients including but not limited to hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, breweries, and wineries.
  • Managed the liquor licensing in nine states for a large coffee company adding beer and wine to its menu options.
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