Joe Heinlein is an associate at Stoel Rives in the Technology & Intellectual Property group, where his practice is distinguished by a deep commitment to advising on privacy, artificial intelligence (AI), and technology transactions. His approach to legal practice is underscored by a clear, strategic, and risk-optimized approach to complex legal challenges in rapidly evolving areas of law.

Joe has extensive experience with United States and international privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR and other industry-specific privacy laws and regulations. His skilled navigation of state general privacy law compliance ensures that clients not only understand their legal obligations but also implement practical, efficient solutions tailored to align with the nuanced requirements under state laws. Joe also counsels clients on cybersecurity issues and breach remediation and response. To aid in this aspect of his practice and optimize client outcomes, Joe has crafted innovative solutions designed to facilitate rapid legal response across every state and territory in the U.S.

Joe’s knowledge of AI law is comprehensive and grounded in a clear understanding of the relevant telecommunications, employment, intellectual property, privacy, and cybersecurity laws, ensuring that clients’ innovations advance within a well-defined legal context. Joe has been instrumental in assisting clients in confronting the legal challenges presented by emerging AI applications, including through evaluating various AI models and datasets to ensure compliance with a rigorous legal framework.

In the area of tech transactions, Joe has executed numerous complex deals, including acquisitions involving emerging technologies and generative AI. Joe routinely drafts and negotiates tailored agreements for software and mobile app developers (including SaaS and other cloud-based service providers) and has experience navigating complex third-party risk management processes with large and highly regulated institutions.

Joe’s approach to practice combines his Delaware corporate M&A background with his technical experience, bringing a multidisciplinary perspective to transactions and counseling in the technology sector. Combining traditional corporate expertise with technology-focused legal acumen renders Joe an invaluable asset to companies navigating the legal intricacies of the digital age.


The Pennsylvania State University, Penn State Law, J.D., magna cum laude; Senior Editor, Penn State Law Review; Woolsack Honors Society; Presidential Scholar

St. John Fisher College, B.A., English (Writing) and Legal Studies, 2016, summa cum laude





  • Counseled U.S. and international businesses on comprehensive privacy compliance strategies, with specialized attention to GDPR and state privacy laws, including but not limited to CCPA/CPRA.
  • Advised clients on the legal and regulatory aspects of AI model development and implementation.
  • Guided technology clients through assessments of AI risks and benefits, particularly with voice AI in marketing and generative AI in content creation.
  • Conducted presentations and educational sessions for legal professionals, clients, and students on the intersection of AI, privacy, and ethical technology use.
  • Advised on tech transactions involving intricate federal procurement regulations, ensuring the protection and compliant handling of intellectual property issues for clients engaged with government contracts, including with the Department of Defense.
  • Developed innovative data breach remediation tools for efficient client service, providing tailored responses to data security incidents.
  • Represented a blockchain-based generative art company in a complex tech transaction, navigating intellectual property and technology-specific contract concerns.
  • Negotiated technology licensing agreements, service arrangements, and other contracts for mobile app developers, SaaS, and cloud-based companies, focusing on clear, concise, and effective legal frameworks.
  • Navigated third-party risk management processes for SaaS provider engaging with a high-profile and heavily regulated institution in the financial sector.
  • Counseled the compensation committee of a cloud computing company in contemplating and approving major executive compensation awards.
  • Counseled the ad hoc committee of a gaming company in contemplating a tender offer and other strategic alternatives.
  • Counseled independent directors of an industrial supplies company in evaluating a strategic transaction.
  • Counseled energy company in resolving complex dispute with major shareholder to facilitate the sale of substantially all of its assets.


Insights & Presentations

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