Oregon's Secure Scheduling Law Goes into Effect July 1: Are You Ready?

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The 2017 Oregon legislature passed a “secure scheduling” or “fair work week” law that imposes significant requirements on certain categories of large employers.

The law goes into effect July 1, 2018, and applies to retail, hospitality, and food services employers with 500+ employees worldwide (including chains and “integrated enterprises”).

If You Are a Covered Employer, What Do You Do?

The law requires covered employers to provide covered employees with the following:

  1. a good-faith estimate of work schedule at time of hire,
  2. advance notice of work schedule,
  3. at least 10 hours of rest between shifts,
  4. a right to provide input into work schedules, and
  5. penalty pay for short-notice schedule changes.

There are also notice and record keeping requirements and an option of maintaining a “voluntary standby list.”

If you are a retail, hospitality, or food services employer and have 500+ employees worldwide, keep reading here.

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