Utility Dive Quotes Morten Lund on Possible Paths Forward for Renewables Industries Under Biden’s $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

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Energy development attorney Morten Lund was quoted in Utility Dive in an article titled “Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan meets power system needs but leaves room for political dealing,” published April 28, 2021. The article outlines the ways in which the objectives of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan (AJP) align with those of utilities as well as how the plan’s proposals may be changed to address Congress’ concerns as to their cost.

The $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan includes a proposal to expand renewable energy tax credits, and mandate clean energy and system modernization, tools utilities will need to meet policymaker and customer demand for clean energy. An estimated approximately $200 billion would be dedicated to the energy transition and power system transformation.

Proposed bills meant to define and legislate parts of the AJP have begun to emerge from Congress, and Lund agrees with the approach, noting that “incremental legislation and executive orders” may be the best way to reach the AJP’s goals.

Approval of the AJP’s Energy Efficiency and Clean Electricity Standard will be difficult, Lund said. If it is implemented nationwide as a mandate that replaces state renewables standards, according to Lund it “would likely be challenged as overriding state regulatory authority and face litigation to be settled by a largely Republican-appointed Supreme Court.”

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