Three Things Small Businesses Need to Know Post-DOMA

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Stoel Rives attorney Howard Bye-Torre spoke to Gabrielle Karol of FOXBusiness regarding what small businesses need to know after the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The Supreme Court's decision raises several questions for employers, though more guidance is needed to address them.

"We're on hold basically to see what the federal government will do," says Bye-Torre. "Obama said he's directed his cabinet to get moving on the changes and to get guidance out there." The best thing employers can do, Bye-Torre adds, is to contact their lawyers and accountants to start preparing for the upcoming changes.

Bye-Torre also comments on the three things employers need to know in states where same-sex marriage is legal: health coverage for same-sex spouses can now be offered tax-free; same-sex spouses will have the same pension rights opposite-sex spouses have; and the rules may depend on the health insurance policy.

Bye-Torre explains that the repeal of DOMA brings up even more questions for businesses who operate in multiple states.

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"3 Things Small Businesses Need to Know Post-DOMA" was published by FOXBusiness online, June 27, 2013.

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