The San Diego Union-Tribune Quotes Morten Lund on Importance of ITC Ruling on Solar Cell Tariffs

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Attorney Morten Lund was quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune in a story titled “The trade flap roiling the solar industry — and Trump may have the final word.” The article discusses a petition filed by the bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Suniva with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) that would seek to impose a price floor and import duties on solar panels made outside the U.S.

Suniva, which filed to reorganize under Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April, in petitioning for the price floor and tariffs argued that competitors in southeast Asia had driven solar cell prices so low the company could no longer make a profit.

Others believe that if the ITC grants the petition, the solar industry in the U.S. could suffer a lessening in demand and job losses. However, as President Trump has complained in the past about the negative impacts on U.S. manufacturers of trade policies with China, there is speculation that if the ITC does grant the petition, he will approve the tariffs.

“We have a president who clearly likes tariffs and doesn’t like China and is not afraid of isolationist trade policies,” said Lund. “Also, he doesn’t have to follow the recommendation of the ITC. They might recommend a 79-cent price and he could put in a $2 minimum price.”

Read “The trade flap roiling the solar industry — and Trump may have the final word,” published July 3, 2017.

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