The San Diego Union-Tribune Quotes Morten Lund on Appeal and Challenges of Energy Storage

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Attorney Morten Lund was quoted in The San Diego Union-Tribune in an article titled “Energy storage gets ready for its close-up.” The article discusses the current state of energy storage—technologies, like batteries, that allow energy to be captured for use at a later time.

Energy storage technology is gaining in importance for its use in reducing the intermittency inherent in renewable energy production, such as for solar power when the isn’t shining. Lund says the appeal of batteries for storage is their simplicity, relatively small size and geographic independence but points out that adding enough storage to absorb energy from a large number of renewable energy sources will be challenging.

“Right now we’re still operating within a large framework of rules and policies (that were) not created to stifle storage but were built at a time when you had a coal plant and a dam, then you had a bunch of light bulbs at the other end,” he said. “So the structures really haven’t been there to allow storage … But technologically, it’s already here.”

Read “Energy storage gets ready for its close-up,” published August 9, 2017.

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