Renewable Energy World Quotes Greg Jenner on Possible Repeal of ITC and PTC in Trump Tax Reform

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Tax attorney Greg Jenner was quoted extensively in Renewable Energy World in an article titled “Trump's Tax Reform Proposal 'Leaves Door Open' to Repeal ITC/PTC.” The article discusses how the package of tax reforms released recently by the White House and Republican leadership leaves the possibility open that tax credits for renewable energy projects may be repealed earlier than they were scheduled to expire or be phased down.

Jenner, who participated in writing the Tax Reform Act of 1986, says he is not optimistic that tax reform will be accomplished by the end of 2017, but a commitment from tax writers to renewable industry leadership that they will not touch the investment tax credit (ITC) and production tax credit (PTC) would go a long way to giving investors the confidence they need to go forward with renewable energy projects.

“Even if they don't get rid of the ITC/PTC or phase it down earlier, there's a chilling effect in the marketplace just because of the possibility that they could,” he said.

Read “Trump's Tax Reform Proposal 'Leaves Door Open' to Repeal ITC/PTC,” published on October 5, 2017.

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