pv magazine Quotes Morten Lund on Possible Outcomes of 2019 Solar Panel Import Tariff

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Energy attorney Morten Lund was quoted in pv magazine in an article titled “Solar tariff talks on the menu – bifacial exemption extended and ITC argued,” published December 6, 2019. The article discusses ramifications of a hearing held by the U.S. International Trade Commission in late 2019 to review tariffs that levied a 30 percent tax on imports of solar cells starting in 2018.

The commission will issue a report in early 2020 to Congress and to the Trump Administration, which the president may use to adjust the solar tariffs. Lund addressed the impact on the solar energy market caused by uncertainty over how the president will proceed.

“We would certainly not expect Trump to go out of his way to soften the tariffs in any way, but it is not impossible that he will find a way to make the tariffs more onerous (by limiting exceptions, reducing stepdown, or otherwise),” Lund said.

“This inherent uncertainty will inevitably have some negative impact on market confidence in forward module pricing,” he said. “The timing of this hearing benefits the market, however—the report will not be issued to the President until next year, which means that 2019 financings will continue uninterrupted (although some ITC safe-harbor efforts may have to be recalibrated).”

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