OZY Quotes Sara Bergan on Growth of Community Solar in Minnesota

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Attorney Sara Bergan was quoted in OZY in an article titled “The Surprising State Where Solar Energy is Flourishing.” Minnesota leads the U.S. in community solar, in which multiple clients can subscribe to a single network, known as a solar garden, thereby splitting costs and avoiding the headaches of installing solar panels on their homes.

Minnesota has tripled its solar energy capacity through the first quarter of this year and increased solar output by a factor of twelve since 2015. The state has 478 approved community solar projects in the production phase, which will provide generating capacity of nearly another 500 megawatts, and almost 1,000 in the pipeline. While Minnesota’s program has had growing pains since the state legalized community solar, with no cap, in 2013, Bergan is optimistic: “The promise of community solar is that, in theory, it expands access to solar development to everybody.”

Read “The Surprising State Where Solar Energy is Flourishing,” published July 19, 2017.

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