NPR Interviews Greg Jenner on Potential for Loopholes in GOP Tax Plan

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Tax attorney Greg Jenner was interviewed by Lulu Garcia-Navarro of NPR for a segment on Weekend Edition Sunday titled “Loopholes in The GOP Tax Plan.” In the interview, Jenner discusses how the complexity of the changes to the tax code in the bill and the speed with which Congress is trying to get it passed will likely result in unforeseen consequences for taxpayers that will need to be addressed into the future.

Jenner, who, as Tax Counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, helped write the Tax Reform Act of 1986, says that some of the simplifications of the bill, such as raising the standard deduction for individuals, are worthwhile, while other provisions, such as a signature proposal in the bill that lowers the rate for pass-through entities, introduce complexity that may need to be reexamined later.

“The problem [with the pass-thru provision] is that that [proposal] can be manipulated and gamed by very smart people. And so what they've done is they put in a lot of complexity to prevent some of that gaming,” Jenner said. “And with that complexity are going to come rules that are going to get bent, that are going to get avoided, that are going to get jumped over.”

Listen to and read “Loopholes In The GOP Tax Plan,” published December 10, 2017.

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