NPR Interviews Greg Jenner on IRS Challenges Under the New Tax Bill

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Tax attorney Greg Jenner was interviewed by Rachel Martin for a segment on NPR’s Morning Edition titled “Recently Signed Tax Overhaul Bill Provides Challenges To The IRS.” In the interview, Jenner discusses how the IRS might translate the new tax bill into tax rules for individuals and businesses.

Jenner explained that some of the IRS’ tax rule changes will happen quickly in 2018. For example, the withholding tables that American taxpayers see on their paychecks for state and local taxes will be adjusted for the new tax bill. However, Jenner added that taxpayers will need to analyze the changes and tweak their W-4s to receive the full benefit of the new rules.

Jenner also talked to Martin about some of the challenges tax professionals will see as a result of the new tax bill. He identified the pass-through provision, the section of the bill that is intended to give small businesses the same tax break as corporations, as the most challenging for tax professionals. He contends that the provision is poorly conceived and complicated. Jenner said, “Trying to draw the lines between the income that should qualify for this break and the income that shouldn’t qualify for this break is just massively difficult.”

Listen to the interview, “Recently Signed Tax Overhaul Bill Provides Challenges To The IRS,” published Dec. 26, 2017.

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