Microgrid Knowledge Quotes Brian Orion on Need to Keep Calif. EV Infrastructure Up-to-Date

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Energy attorney Brian Orion was quoted in Microgrid Knowledge in an article titled “Can EV Infrastructure in California Keep Up with Adoption?,” published February 14, 2018. The article discusses how the goal of California Gov. Brown for the state to have 5 million zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by 2030 could be stymied by a lack of the infrastructure needed for owners to charge or refuel their vehicles.

As of January 2018, California had a ratio of charging stations to ZEVs of 0.05, one of the lowest in the country. But rapid advances in the technology of the vehicles may make new infrastructure quickly obsolete, according to Orion. “One of the main challenges is ensuring that the infrastructure is future-proof,” he said. “The newest generation of electric vehicles is capable of charging at higher speeds than the previous generation, and this trend is going to continue.”

Some charging networks are looking into using modular, expandable infrastructure to help solve the problem, Orion added. “Even so, it’s likely that a significant portion of the infrastructure being deployed today will be obsolete well before its ordinary useful life has ended,” he said.

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