Media Coverage: Sarah Kozal Quoted on Ramifications of California 100 Percent Renewable Energy Bill

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“Setting a 100 percent RPS target by 2045 would set California on par with Hawaii for the most aggressive RPS in the U.S…” —Sarah Kozal in Solar Industry

Energy development attorney Sarah Kozal was quoted in Solar Industry in an article titled “California Assembly Passes 100% Renewable Energy Bill” (also published by North American Windpower), in Renewable Energy World in an article titled “California One Step Closer to 100 Percent Renewable Energy Obligation” (also published by Hydro Review), all published August 29, 2018, and in POWER magazine in an article titled “California Assembly Passes 100% Renewables Mandate,” published August 30, 2018.

The articles discuss Senate Bill 100, which was passed by the California State Assembly last week, and if signed by Governor Brown would require that by 2045 100 percent of all retail electricity sold in the state be from renewable and zero-emission sources.

According to Kozal, opponents of the measure fear that the mandate will cause electricity supply reliability issues and increased costs due to some of the provisions the bill includes to create zero-carbon electricity, such as large hydropower plants and gas-fired plants that use carbon capture.

“Proponents, on the other hand, believe this will send strong signals to the market to encourage investment and innovation – ultimately, bringing prices down,” she said.

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