Law360 Quotes Morten Lund on How New FERC Rule Addresses Challenges for Energy Storage Industry to Participating in Markets

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Energy attorney Morten Lund was quoted in Law360 in an article titled “FERC Energy Storage Rule Is A Grid Game-Changer.” The article discusses a rule recently finalized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that removes barriers to energy storage participation in capacity, energy and ancillary services markets operated by RTOs and ISOs, putting energy storage resources on a nearer-to-equal footing with other energy resources that buy and sell electricity on the markets.

The new rule provides federal regulatory backing for energy storage providers to be paid for their services, meaning more energy storage project development and willing project investors. It also may value those providers more closely to other energy resources that are providing ancillary services in the wholesale markets.

“The central challenge for the entire storage industry has been the lack of a reliable, scalable business plan and revenue source,” Lund said. “Batteries are essentially ancillary service machines. If all goes well, then in a mere two years or so, you will have utilities with tariffs for ancillary services, basically.”

Read “FERC Energy Storage Rule Is A Grid Game-Changer,” published February 16, 2018. (Subscription required.) 

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