Law360 Quotes Brian Nese on Necessity for Energy Storage, EVs to Meet California Renewable Targets

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“It's got a battery in it. It's just a mobile battery that you're using part of the time. When you're not using it, it can provide grid services. The grid edge component continues to be fascinating.”

—Brian Nese on how electric vehicles and their infrastructure could help meet the goals of SB100

Energy attorney Brian Nese was quoted in Law 360 in an article titled “5 Key Takeaways From Calif.’s Carbon-Free Power Bill,” published August 30, 2018. (Subscription required.) The article discusses several possible consequences of California’s Senate Bill 100, which recently passed the State Assembly and State Senate and if passed into law by Governor Jerry Brown would mandate that by 2045 the state obtain 100 percent of its electricity from zero-carbon sources.

Among the takeaways from the bill is that meeting its goals will provide a big push to the development and deployment of energy storage to provide resiliency to renewable energy sources and “will likely make storage a necessary component of any new utility solicitation of renewable projects,” according to Nese.

“I don’t necessarily think that there will be a broader market for standalone storage products ... but this will point to more solar-plus-storage at the utility-scale level,” he said.

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