Krista McIntyre: On Adding Value to Client Relationships

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“…I add value when (together) a client and I set a realistic goal for the circumstances, and I bring Stoel Rives’ best experience and superior legal service to the task. Sometimes that means I perform the work, sometimes I connect the client with the right resource. Every time Stoel Rives delivers results that meet or exceed the client’s goal.”

—Stoel Rives attorney Krista McIntyre quoted in a Law Practice Today article titled “Adding Value to Client Relationships.”
Stoel Rives attorney Krista McIntyre participated in a roundtable with six other female attorneys for a Law Practice Today article titled “Adding Value to Client Relationships.” The article summarizes the attorneys’ insights about “adding value” when delivering legal services and what it means to them and their clients.

Among other questions, the participants were asked to describe an experience where a client provided recognition of the added value they brought to their services, a question which McIntyre answered in general terms. 

“When clients receive value, it is noticeable in the conversation. You can hear, see, or feel the client’s satisfaction and relief that their problem is in the hands of a legal advisor who can help to solve it,” she said. “I like to think that I am making this happen in every interaction with a client, reflected in the repeat work we are assigned.” 

Read “Adding Value to Client Relationships,” published October 13, 2016.

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