Keelin Curran and Melanie Curtice Review Legal and Ethical Wellness Programs

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Partners Keelin Curran and Melanie Curtice were interviewed for The Advisory Board Company’s The Daily Briefing in a Q&A article titled “How providers can develop legal and ethical wellness programs.” They discuss how wellness programs can motivate employees to improve their health and reduce employer-sponsored health coverage costs. They also address looming legal and ethical challenges facing providers implementing the programs.

Incentive programs fall into several  types (activity or outcome-based) and have created controversy when they include a significant (not just nominal) incentive for achieving an outcome or if they seek survey information about employees and their spouses and other family members that some have  considered intrusive.

Legal issues include meeting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, which supports wellness programs by increasing reward limits and by sanctioning surcharges for failure to participate. Curran and Curtice discuss ethical concerns for providers—instances of favorable treatment of some individuals over others, who may have medical limitations, and ensuring relevance of health information collected for actually assisting employers in limiting health costs and/or improving employee health—and provide some tips for employers to avoid the negative consequences of deploying a non-compliant or unethical wellness program.

Read “How providers can develop legal and ethical wellness programs,” published on December 19, 2014.

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