Happy Tax Day! Green Business Tax Credit Tips

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Robert Goldfield of the Portland Business Journal recently discussed green business tax benefits with Stoel Rives tax attorney Kevin Pearson. Pearson outlined for Goldfield five tax provisions that could benefit business owners engaged in green-minded investments.

  • Tax deduction for certain energy-efficient property placed in service during a tax year
  • Tax credits and deductions for business using equipment to generate electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Tax credit for two- or three-wheeled plug-in electric vehicles
  • Bonus depreciation for owners of equipment such as solar devices and energy-efficient appliances
  • Tax credits for certain biofuels, renewable and alternative fuels and fuel mixtures.

In his column, Goldfield notes: "Don't qualify for any of these this year? Think about projects and strategies for upcoming years, though be aware that many tax credits and other benefits are scheduled to expire unless Congress renews them."

Read the full Business Journal article

"Countdown to April 15: Five top tax rewards for saving the planet" was published by the Portland Business Journal, April 8, 2013. (subscription required)

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