Greentech Media, Solar Magazine and Solar Power World Quote Greg Jenner on Prospects of Energy Storage Investment Tax Credit Bill

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Tax attorney Greg Jenner was quoted in Greentech Media in an article titled “US House Introduces Energy Storage Tax Credit Bill,” published April 4, 2019; in Solar Magazine’s Weekly Solar Highlights in an item titled “Energy Storage Investment Tax Credit Bill Introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives,” published April 8, 2019; and in Solar Power World in an article titled “How a battery can be eligible for the ITC today and possibly in the future,” published April 23, 2019. The articles discuss a bill introduced in the Democratic Party-controlled House of Representatives that would extend the federal investment tax credit to include stand-alone energy storage.

Democratic lawmakers have tried and failed to pass similar bills in the past, and Jenner is not optimistic about the chances of the current bill, titled the “Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act.”

“There is considerable uncertainty (and an absence of consensus) about tax legislation in the 116th Congress,” Jenner said. “The 2020 Presidential election casts a shadow over everything Congress does,” making it unlikely that any new tax legislation will be taken up with the election in mind. “Thus, the Energy Storage bill may be serving as a placeholder until the 2020 election is past.”

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