FERC 15-Minute Increment Scheduling Rule Promotes Greener Grid

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Stoel Rives attorney Jason Johns discussed in Recharge News the recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") ruling that transmission providers must provide power generators with the option of scheduling transmission service on 15-minute intervals. Under the traditional 60-minute standard, wind and solar projects, whose generation is subject to the variability of the weather, have been subject to costly "imbalance charges" when output deviates from scheduled generation.

Johns said the  increments will allow wind and solar operators to more closely tailor the transmission capacity they schedule to their estimated output, thus mitigating the cost of imbalance services. He also noted that FERC will require variable energy generators to share meteorological and operational data with transmission providers to aid forecasting. Within 12 months from the effective date of the ruling, transmission providers are required to file altered tariffs, or show they already have tariffs, that provide the option of 15-minute scheduling and the other directives in Order No. 764.

Johns also blogged about the FERC ruling. Read his Renewable + Law blog post.

"Landmark ruling eases the way for greener grid" was published by Recharge News, July 13, 2012. Republished with permission.

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