Federal Renewable Energy Incentives – Phase Out or Cold Turkey?

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Mark Anderson of Finance & Commerce reported on remarks made by Greg Jenner at the recent Renewable Energy in the Midwest seminar regarding the future of federal renewable energy incentives. A series of federal tax credits and cash grants helped fuel a dramatic expansion of renewable power generation, from just under 9,000MW of capacity in 2005 to an estimated 60,000MW at the end of 2012. The cash grant program ended in 2012, the production tax credit is due to expire at the end of this year, and the investment tax credit will end next year.

Jenner said that uniform opposition among Republicans in the U.S. House means long-term subsidies will likely not be continued. He predicted that Congress and the next President will probably create a soft landing for renewable investors after the November elections. "We may see the production credit extended for a year, and then phased out over a few more years to reduce the immediate shock to the renewables industry," he said. "It likely will go away, though."

"Renewable credits? Don't count on them" was published by Finance & Commerce, August 17, 2012. Subscription required.

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