Federal Contractors Eligible for Paid Sick Leave After January 1, 2016

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Stoel Rives attorney James Dale authored an article for Idaho Business Review titled “Coming soon: paid sick leave for federal contractors.” The article discusses the effects of the recent implementation of Executive Order 13706, which mandates up to seven days of paid sick time for employees who perform work on certain federal contracts. 

In the article, Dale discusses: 

  • Which types of contracts will be included or excluded by the Executive Order.
  • The conditions under which employees whowork on or “in connection” with a covered contract are eligible for sick time.
  • Means by which an employee gains sick time (accrual of one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked on a covered contract to a total of at least 56 hours per calendar year, or employer provides grant of at least 56 hours at the beginning of each year).
  • Requirements for carrying over accrued but unused sick leave from year to year and for disposition of unused sick leave upon an employee’s termination.
  • Situations for which sick leave can be used and other conditions on its use. 

Read “Coming soon: paid sick leave for federal contractors,” published October 21, 2016. (Subscription required.)

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