Zachary Davis: Will Development of Autonomous Driving Technology in Construction Vehicles And Equipment Be Industry-Changing?

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Construction attorney Zachary Davis authored an article for Construction Today titled “The Automation Revolution,” published April 17, 2018. The article discusses the state of development of autonomous construction technology, where its advantages will lie and who will benefit when it is implemented in construction vehicles and equipment.

Potential advantages of construction vehicles and equipment incorporating the technology are that they would need only minimal human supervision, reduce labor costs and eliminate risks of human error or injury, and could theoretically work continuously, all of which has the potential to significantly lower costs on large construction projects.

Benefactors include (1) public infrastructure projects, which may be seen as more palatable to politicians and taxpayers when they can be accomplished in less time and for a lower cost, and (2) the environment, for which studies show automated vehicles reduce emissions over those operated by humans.

Davis concludes: “There undoubtedly remains much more to be done from both a technical and regulatory standpoint before your neighborhood construction site is filled with robotic machinery digging up earth and moving dirt. But that day is coming, and it will likely be here sooner than you think.”

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