The Law of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy

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Following the remarkable success of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal, ocean and tidal energy is now beginning to capture the attention of the media, regulators, politicians, and the investment community.  The vast potential energy resources waiting to be unlocked from the waves and tides are a tantalizing prospect for meeting our increasing energy demands.  However, our ability to harness this resource faces challenges - some technical and some legal. 

Recognizing the interest in this emerging technology and the accompanying legal challenges, the Stoel Rives Ocean and Tidal Energy Team has prepared the fourth edition of THE LAW OF MARINE AND HYDROKINETIC ENERGY. As with our first three editions, this guide contains some of the insights our Ocean and Tidal Energy Team has developed while working actively on projects in the growing ocean and tidal energy industry, as well as during the 15-plus years we have been a market leader in renewable energy law.

Download The Law of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy - 4th Edition (PDF)

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