Morten Lund: Are There Advantages to Distributed Solar During Natural Disasters?

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Energy attorney Morten Lund authored an article for Solar Industry titled “How Distributed Solar Could Help During Natural Disasters.” In the article, Lund discusses possible advantages of small distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems—such as commercial and residential rooftop installations, solar carports, and small ground-mounted projects—over a larger centralized plant, such as coal-fired, during a natural disaster.

According to Lund, small solar installations could help ease the loss of electrical power that often occurs during a natural disaster thanks to their simplicity, reliability, ability to operate without human intervention, and lack of the need to rely on the transmission grid, which may have been damaged.

A coal plant, on the other hand, has many moving parts, some of which can be dangerous if damaged or left unattended, and if it is in the path of the disaster, it will immediately be shut down for safety reasons.

Lund concludes: “Ultimately, distributed generation of any kind is inherently more resilient than centralized generation, because distributed generation is not susceptible to complete shutdowns and less reliant on long-distance transmission. A network of distributed generation will continue generating under almost any circumstances. The network probably won’t be operating at 100% during a disaster, but it almost certainly won’t be operating at 0%.”

Read “How Distributed Solar Could Help During Natural Disasters,” published September 5, 2017.

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