Krista McIntyre and Wade Foster Discuss Benefits for Companies of Using Environmental Justice to Enhance Corporate Sustainability

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In a recent article for Hart Energy, environmental attorneys Krista McIntyre and Wade Foster examine how the implementation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles by a company to further its corporate sustainability—its ability “to manage risks and opportunities to promote long-term enterprise durability and value creation”—can dovetail with its efforts to address Environmental Justice (EJ) and improve the lives of those in its community.

According to McIntyre and Foster, EJ is “no longer a subject of activism and academia” but is “at the forefront of minds in the White House, state legislatures and even boardrooms.” They explain that implementing EJ strategies can yield benefits both for companies, by improving long-term business durability, and fence-line communities, by improving economic and social outcomes.

McIntyre and Foster conclude: “As government and stakeholders urge business to narrow the disparities among communities in America, commitments to EJ can cultivate stakeholder support and fuel value creation. Weaving meaningful EJ objectives into ESG-driven business decision making will also better position a company for success when regulatory and policy changes inevitably emerge.”

Read the full article here.

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Wade C. Foster
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