Carlson and Washburn: Things to Consider About Cyberrisk

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Attorney Amy Carlson and Director of Information Security Jon Washburn authored an article for Corporate Counsel titled “Three (More) Questions to Ask Yourself About Cyberrisk.” In light of the rising number of cyberattacks and the increasing importance of information safety due diligence in protecting a company’s assets, the authors look at three questions to be considered in addressing cyberrisks.

The authors examine:

  • What steps a company should take to address the operational risks of migrating some or all of its computer services to the cloud.
  • What steps a company can take to make sure a cybersecurity insurance policy will cover it as it needs to be covered in the event of a serious incident or data breach.
  • What steps a company can take to audit its compliance with a sanction policy or other cybersecurity requirements.

The authors stress the importance of the last consideration, especially “if your company is subject to data privacy regulations—and the larger you are, the more likely this is the case, regardless of what line of business you're in.”

Read “Three (More) Questions to Ask Yourself About Cyberrisk,” published August 10, 2017.

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