Avoiding premises liability under Idaho's recreational use statute


Stoel Rives attorney Quentin Knipe authored an article for Idaho Business Review titled “Avoiding premises liability under Idaho’s recreational use statute.” The article discusses the application of Idaho’s Recreational Use Statute to property managers or landowners who are considering making or have made land available to the public for recreational purposes.

Under the statute, landowners who make land available to the public at no charge for such a purpose “owe no duty of care to keep the premises safe for entry by others for recreational purposes, or to give any warning of a dangerous condition, use, structure or activity.”

Knipe discusses a recent case decided by the Idaho Supreme Court in which the court sided with a property owner, deciding that the limitation of liability applied even where another party – under a contract agreement -  paid for all the utilities, performed ongoing maintenance and managed the scheduling of the park. 

Read “Avoiding premises liability under Idaho’s recreational use statute,” published December 31, 2015. (Subscription required.)

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