Attracting and retaining a rich mix of talent remains a top priority for Stoel Rives. Since 2015, we have been actively collaborating with Diversity Lab to develop innovative initiatives that align with our DE&I objectives. We invite you to explore the various programs that have been integral to our diversity commitment.

Mansfield Rule Law Certification Program 

Stoel Rives has proudly pledged its commitment to the Mansfield Rule Law Certification Program, starting with Mansfield Rule 2.0 in 2018. This annual certification program aims to enhance diverse attorney representation in leadership roles by expanding candidate consideration.

We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed this 12-month program for the fifth time, and in 2023, we achieved the prestigious Mansfield 6.0 Certification Plus. This certification illustrates that by removing nonmaterial barriers to consideration, we have had candidate pools comprising at least 30% women, minority, LGBTQ+, and attorneys with disabilities for leadership roles, equity partner promotions, client pitch opportunities, and senior lateral positions. The "Plus" status denotes that we have 30% diverse attorney representation in numerous leadership roles, surpassing the baseline requirements.

The Mansfield Rule, named after Arabella Mansfield, the first female attorney in the United States, emphasizes the importance of providing equal access to women and minorities to leadership opportunities in the legal profession.

Throughout the certification process for Mansfield 6.0 from July 2022 to July 2023, Diversity Lab collected and evaluated data on our progression concerning certification requirements. Key outcomes of Stoel Rives' certification review include:

  • More than 85% of the attorneys who participated in formal pitches to current or potential clients came from historically underrepresented groups
  • More than 50% of those considered for firm governance roles were from historically underrepresented groups
  • Nearly 70% of those considered for capital partner promotions came from historically underrepresented groups, reflecting a 25% increase from the 5.0 certification period
  • Advancement processes, compensation policies, and leadership role descriptions are written, clear, and accessible to all qualified attorneys

In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Stoel Rives will continue participating in the Mansfield Rule Law Certification Program alongside hundreds of leading law firms in its seventh year. To learn more about the Mansfield Rule, please visit the Diversity Lab’s website.

Move the Needle Fund

Stoel Rives is a firm that deeply values diversity and inclusivity in the legal environment. Over the years, we have dedicated significant efforts to recognizing and appreciating all dimensions of diversity. Our clients and communities are best served when we cultivate a workforce composed of talented and dedicated individuals from a wide array of backgrounds. As a proud founding member of Diversity Lab's Move the Needle Fund (MTN), we actively participate in evaluating innovative strategies for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the legal profession.

Through our commitment to the MTN initiative, launched in January 2020, we aim to achieve equality in the retention rates of our diverse attorneys and non-diverse attorneys by 2025 ultimately benefiting from a higher proportion of diverse partners within our firm. The MTN initiative addresses critical issues such as factors that inhibit leadership diversity, attrition rates among diverse talents, and access to career-enhancing opportunities and sponsorship.

To learn more about MTN, please visit

Press Coverage

Diversity Lab’s MTN is the first collaborative effort designed to test innovative initiatives to create a more inclusive legal profession. Representative articles of interest are below.

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OnTrack Sponsorship Program 

Stoel Rives is committed to bringing all its high-performing attorneys into senior roles. Since joining Diversity Lab’s OnTrack Sponsorship Program, we have participated in a team-oriented, technology-based initiative that supports and tracks the sponsorship of historically underrepresented attorneys prior to and after promotion to partner. Through our participation in OnTrack, we increase our understanding of how to better support diverse partners at Stoel Rives, which directly supports our Move the Needle Fund efforts.

To learn more about OnTrack, visit Diversity Lab’s website.

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