Cultivating an inclusive and dynamic work environment—one that is free from discrimination and mirrors our commitment to diversity and firm ethos—is a top priority. We know that harnessing the power of collaboration is instrumental in maximizing the potential of each, unique individual. Considering this, we have established the Stoel Rives affinity groups.

Our affinity groups provide a forum for attorneys and business professionals at all firm levels to participate in reciprocal mentorship and knowledge exchange with peers. These groups encompass Lawyers of Color, Q Group, Women Attorneys, Veterans Outreach Group, and Parenting Circle. Through these groups, we strive to strengthen inter-office connections and networks of support, and present conduits for valuable feedback to the firm's leadership. Participation in groups are open to anyone at the firm, regardless of their identification of or membership within any specific group.  

Lawyers of Color

Dedicated to professional growth and evolution, Stoel Rives has instituted the Lawyers of Color (LOC) Group. LOC Members participate in periodic group discussions, events, and mentoring sessions designed to foster an environment of inclusivity, where differences are recognized and valued. LOC members also gain and benefit from enhanced connectivity, which directly supports the firm’s goal of retaining diverse lawyers.

Q Group - (LGBTQ+)

Stoel Rives highly values and appreciates the LGBTQ+ community. Our Q Group functions as a supportive environment for attorneys and business professionals with an interest in LGBTQ+ matters, fostering a platform for connection and collaboration.

By conducting monthly meetings, quarterly ally sessions, and dynamic events involving the broader LGBTQ+ legal community, the Q Group cultivates an atmosphere of belonging and helps advance LGBTQ+ civic organizations.

Women Attorneys

The Stoel Rives Women Attorneys Group is committed to empowering women within our firm. We offer comprehensive resources, professional development programs, and policies that nurture the talents and ambitions of our women legal professionals, creating an atmosphere where everyone can thrive.
Stoel Rives hired our first female associate in 1953. Our first female partner, Velma Jeremiah, was admitted to the partnership in 1975. Melissa Jones, a litigation partner, is our second female Managing Partner, and individuals of all genders occupy key leadership roles across our organization.

Our advancement of women in the legal profession is regularly acknowledged with the Gold Standard Certification from the Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF). This esteemed certification evaluates the representation of women in top leadership roles and among high- earning attorneys. Additionally, we have been recognized as a “Tipping the Scales” law firm by the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance for gender balance in our partner classes.

Veterans Outreach Group

Stoel Rives understands and values the unique contributions of veterans. The Veterans Outreach Group (VOG) is dedicated to facilitating the professional growth and personal advancement of members who have served in the armed forces.

VOG’s initiatives center on three primary goals:

  1. To build and maintain a strong network among veterans in the firm, and with business professionals and attorneys who share our commitment to fostering inclusion for veterans
  2. To leverage our veterans' extensive networks, both inside and outside of the firm, to enhance community engagement and develop business opportunities
  3. To contribute actively to professional, pro bono, and civic initiatives that are centered on veterans

Parenting Circle

Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by attorneys balancing professional duties with parental or guardian responsibilities, Stoel Rives is committed to providing support for parents and guardians within our communities. The Parenting Circle offers a nurturing and mentorship- focused environment for attorneys who are current or expectant parents or guardians.

This inclusive forum encourages discourse on diverse topics including professional growth, strategic career planning, work-life harmony, skill enhancement, efficient workload management, and fostering productive working relationships.

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