Client service is central to the Stoel Rives approach. We are grateful to our clients for providing challenging and meaningful work, and we reciprocate with a high level of service that we are proud of. Our clients have noticed: in-house counsel have rated Stoel Rives among the nation's top client service law firms in the BTI Consulting Group client service survey. Survey respondents particularly valued our "depth and breadth," "good value," "excellent experience," "customer-oriented" approach and dependability for "always delivering what they say they will." 

Our firm-wide client service philosophy incorporates the following concepts:

Identify Client Objectives
We start by focusing on our client's objectives, including expectations for outcome, cost and schedule.

Respond to Client Needs
With each client, we customize a project-specific strategy designed to meet our client's objectives. As each project moves forward, we check our performance against these objectives and revise the strategy accordingly.

Serve Through Teamwork
While one attorney remains principally responsible for each project, we often employ a team approach. The responsible attorney may delegate tasks to others in the firm with specific or unique experience. Through teamwork, we reduce costs and ensure that each project component receives an appropriate level of resources and guidance.

Communicate and Be Accessible
Communication is key to successful client service. Before taking significant action, we consult with clients and keep them informed of major developments. Upon request, we will provide regular status reports on pending projects. For each project, we designate at least one Stoel Rives attorney as a principal contact, and we regularly provide cell phone information when 24/7 accessibility is required. Our attorneys pledge to be available to clients at the their convenience.

Control Costs
Given the complexity of legal matters, fee arrangements are set on a case-by-case basis. Ordinarily, we provide our services on an hourly rate basis. In every case, we attempt to establish a fee that is proportionate to the value of the services provided. We consult with the client when we anticipate that fees will exceed estimates or budgets that have been provided. In addition, we help clients identify ways to control costs, such as performing portions of the work themselves or maximizing the value of other service providers.

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