Copyright is ubiquitous, powerful, and challenging. Companies face complicated questions of what materials should be protected as well as what images, software, content, and writings they can use and in what manner.

Having knowledgeable counsel to help you make sense of copyright issues is crucial to successfully navigating the digital landscape. Our attorneys have a wide range of experience working with companies and individuals to monetize, license, and protect their copyright assets and to defend them against claims. 

Our Services

  • Preparing and negotiating licenses in a variety of industries and media
  • Copyright registration
  • DMCA safe harbor counseling
  • Fair use and reverse engineering counseling
  • Open source counseling
  • Ownership and work-made-for-hire counseling
  • DMCA enforcement
  • Litigating infringement cases
  • Due diligence review and negotiating sales agreements as part of commercial transactions


  • Processing and reviewing DMCA claims as the designated agent for a mid-sized e-commerce platform.
  • Negotiated publishing agreement for high-profile biography.
  • Periodic registration of catalogs and other works for an online and catalog company specializing in high-end gifts, treats and floral arrangements.
  • Drafted agreement to resell hosted software services to consumers in the fashion industry.
  • Successfully dismissed a federal suit seeking to enjoin the screening of a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, allowing the filmmakers to present the movie as planned.
  • Negotiated and drafted agreements for a ballet company to create a ballet from a short story and to sublicense rights to the choreographer and other artists and professionals to provide elements of the ballet.
  • Provided counseling for a leading scrapbooking company on fair use and licensing.
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