In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the influence and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are inextricable from more established privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity concerns. At Stoel Rives, we combine progressive insights on AI with our established privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity experience to help our clients navigate the digital world with confidence.

We also offer the following services related to data privacy, security, compliance, and risk management:

AI Counseling: Our team provides invaluable insights into AI, addressing ethical considerations, transparency, and functionality. We help clients develop internal and external policies regarding the use of AI technologies, counsel clients on incorporating AI solutions into their products and services and making those solutions available to their customers, advise on IP protection of AI technologies, and help develop privacy strategies for AI data processing.

Privacy & Data Security: In an era of escalating cyber threats, we understand the importance of tailored and rapid solutions. Our team assists with policy development, privacy impact assessments, incident response, training, and compliance with state privacy laws (e.g., CCPA), federal privacy laws (e.g., HIPAA), and GDPR.

Education and Training: Recognizing the human element in data protection, we provide customized workshops and training to ensure employees understand privacy laws and handle data appropriately.

Incident Response: In the event of a data breach, our experienced team swiftly coordinates notification requirements, engages with law enforcement agencies, assists with insurance claims, and offers legal representation, including class action representation.

International Data Security Compliance: With a global network of legal providers, we stay current with international privacy regulations, helping to ensure your business remains compliant across jurisdictions.

Transactional Due Diligence and Data Protection: Our expertise includes helping to safeguard data in vendor and business partner relationships and acquisition targets. We offer guidance on privacy clauses, cybersecurity provisions, liability protection in contracts, and conduct data privacy and cybersecurity due diligence for investments, M&A transactions, and licensing agreements. We assist clients in establishing compliance programs adapting to ever-evolving laws and regulations.

Stoel Rives is your trusted AI, Privacy & Cybersecurity partner, combining progressive insights with extensive experience to help you protect your digital assets and enhance your overall security posture.

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