Stoel Rives provides representation to a variety of health care entities throughout the Western United States. Our team, comprising attorneys from multiple departments, brings a deep understanding of the health care sector. We serve a broad range of clients, including managed care organizations, hospitals, health systems, physician groups, long-term care providers, pharmacies, federally qualified health centers, and medical device manufacturers. Our approach integrates innovative industry practices with a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs and operational aspects of our clients. This enables us to deliver solutions that are innovative yet practical.

Our health care expertise encompasses a broad range of legal services. We specialize in areas critical to the sector, such as regulatory compliance with federal and state laws, including the intricacies of the Stark Law, False Claims Act, health information technology, and HIPAA.

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  • Health Care Data Security and Privacy: Recognizing the paramount importance of safeguarding health data, we offer comprehensive assistance in complying with HIPAA and other privacy laws. Our strategies are not only robust in data protection but also agile in responding to data incidents and regulatory inquiries, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of data security.
  • Health Care Insurance Regulation: In this domain, we navigate the complexities of regulatory frameworks with strategic acumen. Our attorneys aid payors in adapting to regulatory changes, turning these modifications into opportunities for growth and advancement in the health care insurance sector. We also proactively engage and negotiate with state regulators and remain abreast of emergent industry developments.
  • Health Care Litigation: Our extensive experience in litigation encompasses a broad spectrum of issues, from reimbursement disputes to fraud investigations. This expertise enables us to manage complex disputes effectively, providing our clients with seasoned representation in challenging litigious environments.
  • Health Care Regulatory & Compliance: Our proactive approach in this area ensures that organizations not only adhere to but also anticipate regulatory requirements. We offer a comprehensive suite of services including audits, training, and rigorous representation in compliance-related matters, ensuring complete regulatory compliance.
  • Health Care Transactions: In the realm of transactions, our guidance is crucial for clients navigating mergers and acquisitions. We ensure adherence to regulatory and antitrust laws while addressing related issues such as financing and tax considerations, thereby facilitating seamless transactions.
  • Health Information Technology: As the health care sector increasingly embraces technology, we guide clients through the complexities of implementing advanced IT solutions. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, from telemedicine to health information exchanges, ensuring our clients leverage technology effectively and compliantly.

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