Best Lawyers® National Business Edition Magazine Quotes Wes Miliband on the Future of U.S. Water Policy

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Stoel Rives attorney Wes Miliband was quoted in Best Lawyers® national Business Edition  magazine in an article titled “Water Futures.” The article discusses steps that may need to be taken in the U.S. to maintain the water supply in the face of drought, a shrinking groundwater supply, drinking water disasters such as the incident in Flint, Michigan, and other threats.

Miliband writes that states, such as California, which two years ago passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in reaction to its continuing drought, will continue to lead in crafting policy and “will take the lead in adapting to the new reality.” But he also sees another front for getting help—federal tax incentives to make participation in water projects more attractive to the private sector.

“No, we don’t have an overall federal water policy. But there are drought bills in every session of Congress, and there is a financial component to them,” he said. “What I think has to happen to bridge the gap and help the public sector get water projects done together with the private sector is allowing a return on investment, so it’s not all on the public sector anymore. I think some kind of tax incentive or credit is the best way to get it done and that would have to come at the federal level.”

Read “Water Futures,” published in Best Lawyers® 2016 Summer Business Edition.

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