Professional Development Training Programs

At Stoel Rives, we believe in building a culture of learning and, thus, are building training programs that harness the knowledge of our more experienced lawyers. We offer the following professional development training programs to enhance our lawyers’ skills and provide them with the resources to have a successful career at the firm.

Universal Curriculum
Universal Curriculum is our comprehensive introduction to Stoel Rives for all new lawyers to firm. This videoconference series offers a variety of presentations that provide our new lawyers with information to engage in firm culture and about firm processes, tools, and resources. Presentation topics include, among others:

  • Firm Overview, Structure, Vision, and Strategy
  • Stoel Rives History: 134 Years in the Law
  • Client Intake: What You Need to Know
  • Commitment and Opportunities for Pro Bono and Community Service
  • Law Firm Economics 101: The Business of Law
  • Overview of Diversity & Inclusion at Stoel Rives

Associate Boot Camp Retreat
Boot Camp is a three-day annual retreat focused on establishing a foundation of essential skills for associates new to practice. Topics include effective communication, best practices from partners and associates, behavioral/communication styles, giving and receiving feedback, professional development tips, and, of course, having fun! The retreat is a great opportunity for attendees to build relationships with colleagues and others in the firm.

Preparing for Partnership Retreat
The Preparing for Partnership Retreat is an annual one-and-a-half day program designed for lawyers who are a few years out from partnership consideration. The goal of the retreat is to provide transparency about what it takes to become a Stoel Rives partner, including an in-depth look at the partnership admission process. Attendees will connect with colleagues, enhance their business development skills, and gain knowledge about what to expect and what will be expected as a partner at the firm. The retreat  is also a great opportunity for attendees to further integrate into the firm and network with colleagues from around the firm.

Practice Development Skill Lists
To assist with planning and focused development of substantive legal skills, we have developed Practice Development Skill Lists. These lists are  intended to be general guidelines for the professional development and progression of a “typical” associate at Stoel Rives. However, no individual lawyer is typical, and variations from these lists are expected. The Practice Development Skill Lists serve as tools to enhance communication between associates and their supervisors. Associates are encouraged to solicit performance feedback on their development and progression on the skills outlined. Partner coaches help by identifying opportunities for associates to obtain the appropriate skills and experiences needed to be successful at the firm.

Advanced Training
We provide advanced training for our lawyers on topics such as advanced legal writing, ethics and risk management, presentation and oral advocacy skills, trial skills, and negotiation skills. In addition, we offer a variety of in-house training opportunities to deepen our lawyers’ substantive legal knowledge and practice management.

New Income Partner Orientation
To help our new partners prepare for the transition into partnership, we offer an annual two-part orientation. Part one of orientation is an opportunity for our lawyers to hear from firm management and senior administrative managers about the mechanics of being a partner, including compensation and benefits changes and tips from current partners. Attendees gather in our Portland office for part two of orientation, which includes a celebratory dinner with firm leadership and spouses/significant others and for a half-day training focused on topics such as leadership skills, business development skills, and effective project management. 


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