Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply? The firm does not visit my law school, or I did not receive an OCI interview. How can I be considered? When should I apply?
A: When the selection process is open, submit your application online to the office(s) you are interested in using the link provided for each office. Apply links and more information can be found on the Hiring and Selection page located here. Please note that not every office will have a summer program. If we see a potential match, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Please include a cover letter, resume, writing sample and copy of your law school transcript.

Q: What happens after my on-campus interview?
A: Each office makes decisions about callback interviews. We will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date. We pay reasonable travel expenses for callback interviews. The Recruiting Committee in each office makes decisions to extend offers for the summer program.

Q: How soon should I expect to hear back from my on-campus interview?
A: The Hiring Committee in each office evaluates applications and makes decisions regarding callback interviews for that office. Unless otherwise noted, we try to make our decisions within two weeks.

Q: What is the firm’s travel policy for callback interviews?
A: The firm will reimburse for travel (mileage or airfare) for your callback interview. In addition, we’ll pay for a one-night hotel stay, reasonable expenses for ground transportation and meals in adherence with NALP guidelines. All arrangements must be made through our Recruiting Department. If you have specific questions about what is and isn’t covered by the firm, contact the Recruiting Manager or Office Administrator in the office you’ll be visiting.

Q: What constitutes a typical callback interview?
A: In most of our offices, a callback interview will include a half day of interviews plus lunch.

Q: How should I dress for my interview?
A: We recommend that you dress professionally for your interview, i.e., a suit and tie for men and a business suit for women.

Q: Can I split my summer with Stoel Rives and another employer?
A: We generally don’t allow split summer employment. Please check with the Recruiting Manager or Office Administrator for specifics about the policy for the office you’re interested in.

Q: How should I proceed if I’m interviewing with multiple firms in the same city?
A: You should alert the Recruiting Manager or Office Administrator as to interviews with other firms that you have scheduled. Most law firm recruiting departments work together to share travel expenses for candidates visiting their city and interviewing with multiple firms. Sharing information about the other law firms you’re visiting will help us arrange a coordinated travel and interview schedule.

Q: Are associates hired for a specific practice group?
A: Yes, we hire entry-level associates based on the projected needs of our practice groups. Second-year summer associates are also typically hired to work in a particular practice group.

Q: What is Stoel Rives’ policy for hiring associates who plan to do a judicial clerkship?
A: Stoel Rives adheres to a judicial clerkship policy that addresses the hiring of associates who accept judicial clerkships. For more information, please contact the Recruiting Manager or Office Administrator in the office where you want to work.


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