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SB 4 regulates well stimulation treatments in California, including hydraulic fracturing and acid well stimulation. The law creates a permitting system, builds in water testing and monitoring components for surface and groundwater near the treatment site, and it places obligations on state agencies to study any environmental effects of well stimulation treatment. SB 4 also obligates the Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources ("DOGGR") to finalize and implement permanent regulations, which are due by January 1, 2015, and gives DOGGR emergency regulatory authority to issue regulations for the 2014 interim period. Stoel attorneys Michael Mills and Tom Henry have prepared a primer to aid operators in their efforts to comply with SB 4 and its new permitting scheme.

To download a full-text PDF of the Handbook, please visit our SB 4 resources page to register.

Articles & Publications

7/10/2014 Blog Discussion: Water Board Announces Meeting to Develop SB 4 Groundwater Monitoring Criteria
6/17/2014 Blog Discussion: California Department of Conservation Issues Revised, Proposed Well Stimulation Treatment Regulations
4/16/2014 Law360 Quotes Michael Mills on Possible Fracking Moratorium in California
4/13/2014 Michael Mills Discusses California's De Facto Moratorium on Well Stimulation
3/3/2014 San Francisco Daily Journal Quotes Michael Mills on Effects of California Drought on Fracking Debate
2/12/2014 Second Edition - A Compliance Handbook for SB 4 - California’s Well Stimulation Permitting Law
This primer will aid operators in their efforts to comply with SB 4 and its new permitting scheme. The revised Second Edition version includes DOGGR's emergency regulations for the interim period and provides analysis as to how those regulations will impact operations during 2014. That analysis will include the difference between operator compliance in 2014 and 2015, at what point certain disclosures are required, the nuances of notification requirements, and DOGGR’s requirements for operator-created groundwater monitoring plans in the interim period.

To download a full-text PDF of the updated Handbook, please register here.

2/1/2014 Mike Mills Discusses Fracking Wastewater Management Trends in ABA NR&E Publication
1/3/2014 Oil & Gas Law Alert: SB 4 Interim Emergency Regulations Contain Significant Changes Following Public Comment Period
12/12/2013 Read SB 4 news on our California Environmental Law Blog
12/12/2013 A Compliance Handbook for SB 4 - California's Well Stimulation Permitting Law and SB 4 Compliance Flowchart
11/21/2013 Oil & Gas Law Alert: SB 4 Compliance Begins in December for January 2014 Well Stimulation Treatments 


3/13/2014 Webinar: California SB 4 Compliance Update
2/14/2014 California SB 4's 2014 Groundwater Monitoring Requirements Telebriefing
12/11/2013 Getting Ready for SB 4: California's New Well Stimulation Permitting Law, Stoel Rives Seminar, Bakersfield, California
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