Food Liability Law

In the rapidly expanding arena of food liability, it seems there's a new player practically every week. Few other areas of law involve issues as wide-ranging as mad cow disease, food poisoning, genetic modification, obesity, and childhood nutrition. For businesses facing complex food liability challenges, experienced legal counsel is essential. Stoel Rives attorneys know the law, the economics, and the science of food liability.
1/11/2016Anne Glazer To Teach Food Law Course At Lewis & Clark
9/1/2015California Doubles Down on Proposition 65 Regulations; OEHHA Issues Pre-Regulatory Proposals That Harm Existing Defenses
10/16/2014Amy Edwards Honored with Judge Learned Hand Community Achievement Award
9/15/2014Claire Mitchell Discusses Proliferation of New Marijuana Regulations in Wash., Colo.
3/10/2014Food Labeling Client Alert: FDA Proposes Changes to Iconic Nutrition Facts Label
3/10/2014Prop 65 Law Alert: California Proposes Significant Changes to Proposition 65 Warning Requirements
8/14/2012California GE Ballot Initiative Could Be a Game Changer
4/24/2012Food & Beverage Companies Doing Business in California Need a Prop 65 Strategy
3/26/2012FDA Considers Petition to Ban Bisphenol A (BPA)
12/21/2011Litigation Law Alert: What Companies Need to Know as FDA Warning Letters Allege "Misleading Ads" for "Lap-Band" Surgeries - and California Regulators Take Notice
12/20/2011Litigation Law Alert: "All Natural" Class Action Litigation in California and What's in Store for 2012?
10/7/2011Stoel Rives Welcomes Four New Litigators to Sacramento Office
5/10/2011FDA's Reportable Food Registry: Enforcement, Exceptions and Future Rulemaking
4/19/2011FDA's Reportable Food Registry Makes a Profound Impact
4/15/2011Health Claims Class Actions Set to Explode
2/4/2011New Food Safety Legislation a "Game Changer" for Small and Medium-Sized Food Producers
1/4/2011Food Liability Alert: It's Official: The Food Safety Modernization Act Is Law. What Food Companies Need to Do Right Now
12/21/2010Food Liability Alert: Food safety bill one step closer to law
11/29/2010FDA Takes the Regulatory Lead in Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages Debate
11/12/2010FOP Standardization Could Help Contain State False Advertising Claims
8/30/2010The Reportable Food Registry Toolkit
8/12/2010Food Companies Should Consider Product Recall Insurance Coverage
7/20/2010Food Makers Should Consider Polling Consumers on Labeling
6/28/2010Stoel Rives Receives High Marks and National Recognition from Chambers USA
3/26/2010Spinach Sales Rebound Following Voluntary Product Safety Standards Overhaul
11/17/2009Webinar Series: Bringing Environmentally Sustainable Food Products to Market - Session 3
11/11/2009Dietary Supplement Law Alert: U.S. House Bill Expanding the FTC's Power Gains Momentum and the FDA Issues a Warning Letter Regarding Products that Include Drug and Dietary Ingredients
11/4/2009Q&A with Food Liability Law Blogger Ken Odza
11/3/2009Webinar Series: Bringing Environmentally Sustainable Food Products to Market - Session 2 (PDF)
10/19/2009Suits Over Deceptive Food Marketing Likely To Increase
10/8/2009Stoel Rives Lawyers Embrace Sustainability
9/30/2009Consumers vs. Food Companies: Intersection of the Court System and Food Science (PPT)
9/21/2009Companies Face Additional Federal Food Safety Measures
8/3/2009U.S. House Provides FDA With Expanded Food Safety Mandate
3/18/2008Law School, Firms Host Food Safety Conference at Seattle University
1/28/2008Food Liability and Biofuels Law Alert: Distillers Grains Linked to E. coli O157:H7
1/25/2008Foodborne Illnesses and Practical Protections (PDF)
12/14/2007Food Liability Law Alert: Class Plaintiffs Seek State Law Remedies for Alleged Violation of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990
10/3/2007Food Liability Law Alert: Safe Food Handling Is Not Enough
9/20/2007Mitigating Against Significant Food Liability Claims: Safe Food Handling Is Not Enough

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