Renewable Energy Law Alert: CPUC Energy Storage Workshop

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, the CPUC will hold an "Electric Energy Storage Workshop" as part of its R10-12-007 proceeding for AB 2514, which defines the process by which the CPUC will consider electric energy storage (EES) standards for California's investor owned utilities. The workshop will be held in the Golden Gate Room at the CPUC's headquarters from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. According to a draft agenda circulated by the CPUC, the theme of the workshop will be addressing barriers to entry facing EES. The workshop's goals are to identify actions that the CPUC should consider, as well as whether and how it should participate in other forums. The morning will feature presentations from several different perspectives, with each presentation followed by Q&A:
  • UC Berkeley and California Energy Commission (CEC) team: 2020 Vision Project.
  • CAISO: recent storage-related activities at the Independent System Operator, including findings from recent studies.
  • Southern California Edison (SCE): discussion of white paper, "Moving Energy Storage from Concept to Reality." (Click here for the white paper.)
  • California Energy Storage Alliance: developers' perspectives.
The afternoon will feature a presentation about a staff straw proposal concerning potential CPUC actions. The CPUC will allow parties to provide post-workshop comments on both the presentations and the staff straw proposal. The CPUC will accommodate short presentations (five minutes or less) or share prepared material pertinent to the workshop (contact Michael Colvin at For reference (or inspiration), a series of energy storage presentations made to the CEC as part of its 2011 IEPR process can be found here. Stoel Rives attorneys Seth Hilton and Janet Jacobs will be attending the workshop. If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact:

Seth Hilton at (916) 319-4749 or
Brian Nese at (858) 794-4102 or
Janet Jacobs at (206) 386-758 or


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