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01/27/2014  Health Care Law Alert: Washington Supreme Court Limits Attorney-Client Communications with Employed Health Care Practitioners
12/30/2013  Health Care Law Update: Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor Rule for Electronic Health Records Extended Through 2021
07/03/2013  Health Care Law Alert: Employer Pay-or-Play Rules Under ACA Pushed Back to 2015
01/18/2013  Health Care Law Alert: Sweeping Changes to HIPAA Announced
12/10/2012  Health Care Law Alert: Regulations Issued on Medical Device Excise Tax
06/28/2012  Health Care Reform Law Alert: Individual Mandate Stands; Medicaid Expansion Narrowed
02/29/2012  Health Care Law Alert: Oregon Supreme Court Rejects Negligence and UTPA Claims in Identity Theft Case
02/29/2012  Tort Wars: In That Galaxy Far, Far Away, The California Legislature Strikes Back For Larger Tort Recoveries
02/27/2012  Health Care Law Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Sends Medicaid Rate Cut Challenge Back To Ninth Circuit
02/23/2012  Health Care Law Alert: HHS OIG Advises Physicians to Use Caution When Reassigning Medicare Payments
02/17/2012  Health Care Law Alert: Proposed Regulations Issued on Medical Device Tax
10/18/2010  Health Plans 2011: Healthcare Reform Begins
04/08/2010  Health Care Reform Law Alert: Overpayment Liabilities for Medicare and Medicaid Providers, Suppliers and Plans
04/05/2010  Health Care Reform Law Alert: Group Practices Providing Advanced Imaging Services Face New Requirements
03/30/2010  Health Care Reform Law Alert: Impact on Employers and Group Health Plans
09/23/2009  Health Care Law Alert: HIPAA's Breach Notification Obligations Begin September 23, 2009

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