03/31/2011  HSR News Alert No. 3: High-Speed Rail Authority Plans for Immediate Extension of Derided Starter Segment of the High-Speed Rail Project to Make It a "Train to Somewhere"
03/04/2010  Renewable Energy Law Alert: Proposed Legislation to Limit ITC Grants for Renewable Projects
01/04/2010  Show Me The Money: $16.5 Million Available in Loans and Grants Under Washington's State Energy Program
10/07/2009  Show Me the Money: Loan Guarantee Solicitation for Commercial Technology Applications
08/27/2009  Stimulus Alert: Don't Be Caught Off Guard: The Buy American Provisions of the ARRA Are Complex and a Pitfall for the Unwary
08/13/2009  Show Me The Money: Recovery Act Opportunities for Small Businesses
08/07/2009  Show Me the Money: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Related to Loan Guarantees for Projects That Employ Innovative Technologies
08/06/2009  Show Me the Money: Concentrating Solar Power Generation and Community Renewable Energy Deployment
08/05/2009  Show Me the Money: $5.5 Million Available for the Expansion of Ethanol Blends
07/17/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Announces Funding of Up to $85 Million for Algal and Advanced Biofuels
07/06/2009  Show Me the Money: Building America Energy Efficient Housing Partnerships
07/06/2009  Show Me the Money: Advanced Energy Efficient Building Technologies
07/01/2009  Show Me the Money: Allocations of $42.5 Million to Solid-State Lighting
06/30/2009  Show Me the Money: $4.15 Billion Available for Smart Grid Projects
06/29/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Releases $10.5 Million to Improve Solar Technologies and Energy Projects
06/24/2009  Show Me the Money: New Grant Solicitation for Development of a Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility
06/23/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Releases $39.5 Million to Enhance Energy Assurance Capabilities and Plan for Smart Grid Resiliency
06/17/2009  Show Me the Money: Clean Coal Power Initiative Round 3
06/17/2009  Show Me the Money: $102 Million Available for Electricity Regulators and Grid Improvements (Transmission Analysis and Planning)
06/16/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Announces $1.4 Billion Investment to Reduce Carbon Emissions
06/11/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Announces $256 Million Investment to Improve Energy Efficiency of the American Economy
06/05/2009  Show Me the Money: DOE Releases Stimulus Funds for Geothermal Energy Projects
06/04/2009  Show Me the Money: $117.6 Million Deployed to Accelerate Solar Energy Technologies

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